At Verdire, we have over 30 years of hospitality experience in all areas of business, from raising funds to selling the company and everything in between.  We look to work with technology companies that have innovative products that helps solve a need or a problem in the hospitality industry, with a specific focus on solutions in the areas of personalization and experiential selling.  The companies we work with have visionary leaders and the potential to be a disruptor, and their solutions are often complimentary to each other.


Our services include:

  • Representation of products to a global network of OTAs, Hotel Brands, Representation Companies, Management Companies, Soft Brands and even other tech companies.  Need a focus on a specific region or a specific target market, we can provide a solution for that too.
  • Fractional Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Marketing Officer - many smaller technology companies can't afford to hire a seasoned C-Level Executive, so they often settle for a lower cost option.  By offering a part time option, Verdire gives companies the ability to have that C-Level Executive at a fraction of the cost.
  • Strategic Development and Fundraising - we can provide help in looking strategically at the future of the company, building investor decks that help position the company to successfully raise money, and even participate in investor pitches.
  • Our experience covers many areas of business, from Product Development, Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, Fund Raising and Exits.  If you have a need, ask us.


Our goal is not to be a consultant, we want to be a true partner in helping to grow the business.  We roll up our sleeves and act like an employee of the company, learning the company business, its products and helping wherever we can.


To find out more, you book a 30-minute exploratory call with us, or email us.



Kepsla leverages predictive intelligence, AI and NLP to deliver a suite of Hotel Reputation Management and Guest Experience solutions designed to help hotels and online travel companies drive higher revenue and reduce their costs while increasing customer satisfaction.  Today leading hotel chains and global online travel companies with over 70,000 + hotels across the world, leverage KePSLA technology to engage with their guests in a more meaningful manner on their digital channels.

TECHWORKS_LOGOONE is building hospitality static content solutions that solve today's problems and anticipate the future growth and importance of static content.  Using AI, NLP and Machine Learning, TechWorks solutions provide intelligent aggregation of multiple sources of data and smart, personalized content that helps hotels and online travel companies drive higher revenue by providing the right content, at the right time to the right user.


The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 10,000 hotels worldwide. The company offers a suite of analytics and tools designed to drive revenue growth on the hotel direct channel.  These tools include a price comparison solution, reviews summary and a full suite of personalization options, plus an AI platform designed to predict user behavior and then automatically personalize both the message and the offer for each user.